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Have you ever tried reaching that John Mayer tone we know and love?
Have you ever played with a Tube screamer just wishing to have more control over the tone and dyanimc of the pedal?

The answer to the above cases has a name: Cornerstone Antique.

The Antique is our take on the classic sounds which are notoriously recognized with the Tube Screamer.
Don’t worry, the Antique is not a clone, but while it definitely belongs to the Screamer-like family of overdrives, It has a well-defined tone specifically tweaked to achieve the bluesy sounds of John Mayer.

The Gain and Volume controls are pretty much self explaining.

But here comes the magic designed to help you find a renewed inspiration when using a classic screamer sound:

The TONE control: it manages the low-mid frequency content.
The PRESENCE control: it shapes the hi-mids and high-end content.
MIDS (cut) toggle switch: it manages the overall mids content, in UP position is the classic TS mids, in DOWN position mids are cut.

These three controls together allow you to discover a whole new different sounds and colors, all in the tonal range of John Mayer Trio sounds.

Finally, the COMP switch is managing the overall dynamic response of the pedal.

The Antique requires a standard 9V DC Negative power supply only.

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