Cornerstone pedals sold in EU carry a 2-year Lifetime Warranty for any problem related to the function or operation of that pedal due to faulty parts and/or other internal problem. We do not cover issues such as broken knobs, pots and jacks due to abuse, scratches in external paint or malfunctions due to external power supply issues. Opening up the enclosure, removing the screws and/or the lid, if not expressively authorized, will void the warranty.
Cornerstone Pedals sold Internationally outside of the EU carry a 1 year Limited Warranty.

All items purchased from authorized Cornerstone dealers are subject to the dealer’s terms and conditions for returns. Items purchased from authorized Cornerstone Dealers cannot and should not be returned directly to Cornerstone, unless otherwise indicated.

All costs for shipping back to Cornerstone are in charge of the customer, while costs for shipping back to customer are in charge of Cornerstone.

All returning item, shall be in perfect mechanical, functional, and cosmetic condition. Upon receiving the returned item Cornerstone staff will inspect and test the item to verify it is in “new” condition, and in perfect working order. Upon the item(s) passing inspection, we will issue a refund or contact you with any questions/concerns.

In case of a functioning issue, customer can retain the right to have it fixed locally; to have the Cornerstone warranty coverage on this third-party repair service, customer shall prior give communication to Cornerstone and show the receipt of the repair cost. Then, Cornerstone reserves the right to fully or partially cover the expanse or to offer an equivalent discount.

International shipping rates are calculated for you during the checkout process.
Please note Cornerstone Music Gear takes no responsibility and will not pre-pay or reimburse for any duties, taxes, and/or processing fees associated with you receiving your package in your nation.

We also do not declare international shipments as “gifts” or under-declare values of international shipments.
We currently ship almost all packages through DHL and UPS. We will give you confirmation that order has shipped on the day it leaves our manufactory plant. All international shipments will be insured. We are not responsible for lost or stolen packages.
All of our pedals use a standard 9v DC adapter with a negative ground unless specified. We recommend any high-quality supply that utilises isolated power, such as Voodoo Lab or T-Rex.
ONLY use a power supply made specifically for guitar pedals.
The use of a power supply with the wrong polarity or that gives an over-voltage supply to a pedal will cause severe damage to it, and the Warranty will not cover it.
We are a small business and accordingly do not pay artist/bands to use our products. We do have an official Artist Endorsement/sponsorship program that offers limited discounts on our products. We usually do not offer full sponsorship by giving our products totally for free. If you’re interested in becoming an endorsed artist please send an inquiry to
Please use our Contact page to get in touch with us about general enquiries or any other question you may have.